Hi! I started Mike’s Classic Ads in 2020, two years after my interest in vintage advertisements began in 2018.

It all started with my interest in cars and car related advertising. First with dealership car brochures and then with other advertising and automotive magazine articles.

While hunting for car ads, I eventually began to notice advertisements from other industries and eras catching my eye. The Art Deco period of the 1930s, WWII ads from the 1940s, and the post-war baby boom period of the 50s and 60s.

Time never stops. If stories aren’t told, eventually they fade from memory and are lost forever. Our past is our greatest asset; it helps us contextualize the present and conceive our dreams for the future.

I could just collect magazines. I could pull them out every now and again, and then put them back in a box someplace. That’d be a shame though, because in each one are dozens of stories waiting to be rediscovered, every day.

But alas! I cannot do it alone! I have only so much wall space on which to put these time capsules on display. I need your help! People are often nostalgic for “the olden days”. Always remember that, “the olden days need not be forgotten!”